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Winner of the Final Four "The Voice of the Philippines" Season 1 (Mitoy Yonting)

Written By Unknown on Sunday, September 29, 2013 | 8:44 AM

After the new talent show "The Voice of the Philippines" (Season 1) was introduced to the Kapamilya Network, many aspiring and talented (recognized / unrecognized) artists of the country and contestants were inspired and they were given a chance to show their talent from blind audition until the battle round for each team.

But one must stand out from the rest and whoever wins must compete with the other teams and among them are contenders coming from team Lea, team Bamboo, team Apl, and team Sarah.

Here are the 52 artists of the fist Season of The Voice of the Philippines:

Top 52 artists
Janice Javier
Jessica Reynoso
Penelope Matanguihan
Stan Perfecto
Cora dela Cruz
Jessica Corpuz
Emmanuelle Vera
Lance Fabros
Cara Manglapus
Moira dela Torre
Sir Lord Lumibao
Lorenzana Siblings
Lea Salonga
Mitoy Yonting
Kimpoy Mainit
Darryl Shy
Diday Garcellano
RJ dela Fuente
Marissa Saroca
Juvie Pelos
Rainer Acosta
MJ Podolig
Taw Muhammad
Japs Mendoza
Chien Berbana
Sarah Geronimo
Klarisse de Guzman
Morissette Amon
Eva delos Santos
Maki Ricafort
Yuki Ito
Junji Arias
Gabriel Ramos
Rouxette Swinton
Hans Dimayuga
Michaellen Temporada
Dave Jonathan Lamar
Kathreen Castro
Lecelle Trinidad
Bamboo Mañalac
Myk Perez
Paolo Onesa
Isabella Fabregas
Lee Grane Maranan
Angelique Alcantara
Talia Reyes
John Philip Duka
Denise Sagun
Angelica Prado
Cordovales Father & Son
Deborah Victa
Nicole Parada
Dan Billano

The battle has been overwhelming and it goes well as expected, many fans were given a chance to vote to their idol and now from 52 down to only 4 (Janice Javier from Team, Mitoy Yonting from team Lea, Klarisse de Guzman from team Sarah, and Myk Perez from team Bamboo. Now we need to declare the winner and be known as the very first The Voice of the Philippines champion.

September 28, 2013, Live at Resorts World Manila, the first contender who went on the stage was team Apl's artist Janice Javier who sung "The Greatest Love of All", with team Leah's artist Mitoy Yonting meanwhile sung "Anak" in a very high note version, while Myk Perez of team Bamboo sung "Give Me Love" in acoustic version where he himself played a guitar, and the last performer was team Sarah's artist Klarrise De Guzman who sung Miley Cyrus piece "Life's a Climb".

September 29, 2013, In tonight's (Week 6) Final night competition, the 4 finalists showcase their songs and many local celebrities were their to watch them. But among their performances only two were selected that garnered the top votes in no particular order, the votes are combined yesterday and today (via sms) and they were Klarisse de Guzman from team Sarah and Mitoy Yonting from team Lea.  Janice Javier garnered 30.6%, while Myk Perez garnered 12.81% from the combined votes.

After the said announcement, the voting was set back to zero to give their fans a chance to vote for the two top contenders. They each sung another song, Klarisse de Guzman sung "Magsimula ka" of Leo Valdez, while Mitoy Yonting sung "Help" of Beatles.

Now the final announcement of the very first "The Voice of the Philippines" champion was conducted and Mitoy Yonting was the champion. He was the greatest of them all.  He had proven his talent from the rest of the 3 contenders.

We will support him in his new journey in the Philippine Music and entertainment.

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The Final Showdown of "The Voice of the Philippines" Season 1, who is your bet?

Written By Unknown on Friday, September 27, 2013 | 10:36 PM

The final showdown of the Season 1 of "The Voice of the Philippines" is finally here, who among the four remaining contenders from each team (Janice Javier from Team, Mitoy Yonting from team Lea, Klarisse de Guzman from team Sarah, and Myk Perez from team Bamboo) will be the champion in tonight's (Week 6) finals.

Janice Javier

Mitoy Yonting

Klarisse de Guzman
Myk Perez
Photos courtesy of Yahoo Philippines

You could be part of this history of "The Voice", This is the final competition. Somebody has to win and somebody has to lose in this battle, so whoever wins it's his/her destiny.  All of them are talented on their genre but they must prove to the crowd and their coaches that they are deserving to be the champion.

Below is the trailer video of the Final Showdown of the Voice of the Philippines:

Who is your bet? Please leave your comment below and Please have the decency to accept defeat and be respectful of each other's choices.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the champion in this competition in just a short while.

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Maria Mercedes (with Jessy Mendiola) soon in ABS-CBN

Maria Mercedes coming soon in ABS-CBN (Oct 7), photo courtesy starmometer

Main Cast Members:
Jessy Mendiola, Jason Abalos and Jake Cuenca

Watch the teaser video below:

Maria Mercedes is a poor girl who is abandoned with her brothers and sister by her ambitious mother. Because of the lack of support from her perennially drunk father, she is forced to raise her brothers and sister on her own, working in the streets of Mexico City selling lottery tickets and flowers.

Santiago del Olmo is very sick and knows that he is dying. One morning when he is in the garden, he sees María selling lottery tickets in the street. He comes up with the idea to marry her just to upset his political aunt Malvina after his death as a personal revenge. He gains Maria's trust and friendship, proposes to her, and she agrees. When Santiago dies, María became the head of the family, making Malvina's ire burn stronger. According to his will, Malvina, her son Jorge Luis and her daughter Digna must live there, if they want to inherit any of his fortune. Jorge Luis is a sad man since the murder of his wife on his wedding day. His younger sister Digna is a very religious woman who has never dated a man at all and is afraid of almost every thing, especially her mother.

After María moves into the del Olmo household, she falls in love with Jorge Luis, who is weak against his mother's will and always does as she wants.

Malvina makes it her life's mission to antagonize María. When she finds out that María loves her son, she pushes him to marry her in order to get the money back. She plans that after a few weeks he could make her give him control over the whole fortune and after that get divorced.

Jorge Luis and María get married but they do not share a room nor live like a traditional married couple. Within time, Jorge Luis starts to develop a real and deep love for María. On the other hand, María has another foe, Mistica, a sultry and selfish woman. She used to be Jorge Luis' girlfriend, but then left him heartbroken to marry a wealthy man, Sebastian Ordoñez. She realizes that she still loves Jorge Luis and is furious to know that he is married and falling in love with Maria. She promises herself that she will get Jorge Luis back and starts to help Malvina get rid of María.

María meets Magnolia, a beautiful, rich, and sophisticated woman who is her real mother. Magnolia has now remarried and has another son, but she regrets deeply having left her children. She gains María's trust and starts to help her daughters and her sons, especially Guillermo who is in jail and is the only one who recognizes her. Her true identity remains a secret for María and her other siblings, Rosario and Andres, and all the things she does for them have to be hidden from her new husband, Rodolfo (an architect who is Rosario's boss and is also a friend of Jorge Luis' family) and their son Gustavito (which is a youngest half-brother of Guillermo, Maria Mercedes, Rosario and Andres).

Magnolia teaches María good manners and how to seduce her husband. After Sebastian Ordoñes drops a high class party where he will give a prize to Jorge Luis and then tries to seduce María, Jorge Luis moved by jealousy and by the sight of the beautiful and well-dressed María, finally starts to fall for her and they sleep together. Soon María learns she is pregnant.

After María's father passes away, she and Jorge Luis go on a vacation trip that goes terribly awful because of the intervention of both Mistica and a local lifeguard who hits on María. Jorge Luis makes up his mind and asks María for a divorce as soon as they arrive back to Mexico City. However, Malvina has other plans. She tries to drive María crazy with the help of Cordelio, the butler, and puts her in an asylum. María manages to escape from the asylum and hides from the police in Doña Filo's house, a good friend from her poverty years, until Jorge Luis ask the police not to pursue her any more.

With Cordelio as her ally, Malvina tries to kill María but all fails. Malvina realizes Magnolia's influence and begins to wonder if she could be María's mother. She tells this to her new husband, Rodolfo Mancilla, who in turn goes to María's old house (where Rosario and Andres still live) and asks to see a picture of their mother. He at once recognizes her and later confronts her, arguing with her and throwing her out. Magnolia nevertheless survives by helping out a French tailor who once recognized her talent and pushed her ambitions (which clashed with the need to raise her family; she chose her career over them).

Far from María, Jorge Luis realizes that his feeling for her have grown so strong that he can’t live without her any more. He asks for forgiveness and she returns to the house where they live as a real married couple.

Nine months later María gives birth twin girls, one of which dies a few days latter. Jorge Luis put an end to Mistica's intentions for good after Mistica attempts to pin a pregnancy on him (the child was actually her husband Sebastian's). When he discovers that his mother still hates María, he decides that it is time to leave his mother and raise his family with Maria. He stands up for himself for the very first time against his mother's wishes and leaves. Malvina goes crazy and dresses as María used to in her poverty years and runs to the street where she starts to sell lottery tickets and clean windshields. She is caught and put in an asylum.

Magnolia tells the truth to her offspring. María at first is shocked by this revelation but her resentment shatters and she accepts her mother with love. Rosario is nevertheless disgusted and filled with rancor, a situation that remains until her old boss Rodolfo Mancilla agrees to accept them as his (step-)children. With this, the sisters make peace and Rosario can finally accept the courtship of Ricardo, a younger friend of Jorge Luis', without any remarks by María.

Since María and Jorge Luis only had a civil wedding, they have a great church wedding in the Basilica de Guadalupe with all their friends and relatives, closing the scene after they say "I do" and putting and end to the novella with a romantic kiss. (Script from wikipedia)

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"Elevator Girl" life story in Saturday's MMK episode, with Meryll Soriano

Don't miss this Saturday's MMK episode in ABS-CBN as the Life Story of the Youtube sensation "Elevator Girl" will be featured in the show (Maalaala Mo Kaya, this coming Saturday September 28).  Fans of the Youtube sensation who is also known as Cherry Alejandrino in real-life would say "Thank you, Ma'am, Sir" as they could finally know better the story of our "Elevator Girl". 

The award-winning actress Meryll Soriano will be the one who will portray as Cherry.  What could be the story behind the funny, hardworking, and jolly elevator attendant Cherry?

Part of the "Elevator Girl" story are the cast members such as Eric Fructuoso, Boboy Gorovillo, Susan Africa, Dang Cruz, Jennifer Lee, Perla Bautista, and Marikit Morales. 

The said program is directed by Don Cuaresma, written by Mark Duane Angos, and researched by Agatha Lee Ruadap.  Don't miss the Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK) episodes every Saturaday in ABS-CBN after Wansapanataym.

Watch the trailer below:

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Judy Ann Santos is furious, wants politicians who are involved in pork barrel scam to be penalized

Judy Ann Santos’ newest TV-show in Kapamilya Network entitled “Bet On Your Baby” is soon to be aired.  According to the actress, her whole family is scheduled for a vacation before the premiere of her new project in ABS-CBN.  It just happened that her real-life husband Ryan Agoncillo was hospitalized lately that’s why their vacation plan was changed.

“Dapat ’di ba magbe-vacation kami pero since nagka-dengue siya, naka­­bakasyon naman kami sa hospital but we’re still going to go on a vacation next week,” said Judy Ann with a smile.

Meanwhile, Juday was so disappointed with the continued controversies about the hot issue on pork barrel scam.  She said “Sana ay ginagamit ng mga pulitiko ang pera ng gobyerno para sa mga mamamayan at hindi para sa sariling kapakanan lamang.

“Kumbaga, we try to be responsible naman with your job dahil hindi mada­ling magtrabaho lalo na ’pag may pamilya kang binubuhay, may mga bata kang gustong pagtapusin ng pag-aaral. So, nakaka-frustrate kasi nagkataon na hindi lahat ng pulitiko, hindi ko naman nilalahat, but I don’t want to name names because mahirap naman na mag-point ng finger. Pero ang sa akin lang, kung sino talaga ang may kasalanan, pagbayarin at mag-explain,” explained the brilliant actress.

“Ako, ilang taon ko binuno ’yung kaso ko. Eight years akong may kaso with the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue). Sa akin lang, the BIR was just doing their job, collecting taxes and they give it to the government. ’Yung government ngayon ang magbibigay ng pera sa mga pork barrel. Parang point lang is, kung kami pinu-push n’yo at kinakasuhan kami kapag may konting digits na hindi nabayaran, bakit hindi n’yo kasuhan ’yung mga pulitiko na malaking, malaking digits ang kinuha sa pera namin?” she explained.

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Kim Chiu is not yet ready for a romantic relationship with Xian Lim but exclusively dating

Written By Unknown on Saturday, September 21, 2013 | 4:16 AM

Kapamilya actress Kim Chiu had recently admitted to Kris TV program that she and Xian Lim are already “exclusively dating”. She revealed that Xian is the closest guy in her heart. Kim also added that Lim made her feel so secured and it improves her way of trusting guys again. “Isa siya sa mga tumulong sa akin,” a short reply of Kim.

Kim and Xian fans (Kim-Xi) support them on their relationship. The actress admitted that she is not eager to have new boyfriend after their break-up of Gerald Anderson few years ago. “Siguro kailangan ng time para alam mong sincere ‘yung tao. It takes time to know one, para mas tumagal ‘yung relationship. Kasi ‘pag mabilisan gano’n mabilisan, para ka lang nagpalit ng damit,” explained the actress.

“Darating din tayo diyan. Hindi naman kaila­ngang sapilitan. Kusa n’yo po ‘yung malalaman kung sino man po ‘yung nagpapatibok ng puso ko,” she added.

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Judy Ann Santos' transfer to other TV Networks is finally over

Written By Unknown on Thursday, September 12, 2013 | 9:15 PM

Rumors about the issue that Kapamilya star Judy Ann Santos would transfer to a rival TV Network of ABS-CBN has finally over. Last Wednesday, Juday officially signed new contract with the kapamilya network together with her talent manager Alfie Lorenzo.

It was reported recently that Judy Ann was planning to leave the Kapamilya network and she would venture to work in other TV networks but it did not happen.

“Baka at the end of the day parang hindi rin naman pala magiging okay. Parang doon kasi lumalabas ‘yung usapan na ‘Ah! Nasilaw sa ganito.’ Para sa amin, doon muna tayo makipag-settle sa unang option. Kung hindi matuloy, eh ‘di saka tayo pupunta sa ibang option,” explained Judy Ann.

“Ang pangit naman ng magiging dating ko sa mga network producers ‘di ba kung lahat sila kinausap ko ’tapos wala naman akong tinupad na usapan.”

Eventhough she had received offers from other TV networks, Juday still prefers to stay on her home network.

“With regard to the talks na mangyayari if ever sa other networks, nandiyan naman kami para makinig but you know since I’m a Kapamilya, hindi ko naman puwedeng itanggi na first option will always be ABS-CBN. Well, hindi naman ako magpapaka-plastic, lahat naman tayo kailangan naman tayong kumita ng pera. Pero at the end of the day, siyempre iisipin mo rin kung ano ba talaga ‘yung mas makakabuti sa ‘yo and at the same time, saan ka ba magiging masaya,” said Juday.

Her new reality show entitled "Bet on Your Baby" is expected to be "on-air" soon.

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Rogue Magazine this September 2013 (Anne Curtis, Juday, Angel Locsin)

Written By Unknown on Friday, September 6, 2013 | 1:37 PM

Featuring this month's (September 2013) Rogue Magazine are the most beautiful and talented kapamilya stars none other than Anne Curtis, Judy Ann Santos, Charlene Gonzalez, Angel Locsin, and Marian Rivera (GMA)


Photographed by Mark Nicdao
Styled by Pam Quiñones
Anne Curtis: makeup by Robbie Piñera; hair by Raymond Santiago
Judy Ann Santos: makeup by Juan Sarte; hair by Jing Monis
Charlene Gonzalez: makeup by Juan Sarte; hair by Mark Familiara
Marian Rivera: makeup by Krist Bansuelo; hair by Celeste Tuviera
Angel Locsin: makeup by Lala Flores; hair by Jay Wee

Stylist assisted by Cath Sobrevega, Maita Baello, KC Aquino, and Melville Sy
Photographer assisted by Phil Nicdao, James Bautista, and Chris Soco
Special thanks to Posh Nails

The cover girls are wearing Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter Collection 2013.  The said magazine will be available in mid-September.

Bangs Garcia is so daring in new movie “Luriana” amidst having a conservative family

Bangs Garcia is still single and currently not in a romantic relationship but according to the kapamilya star, having a boyfriend who is also in show business is not she prefer.

“I’ve never been with a showbiz guy before at tinatanong din ako ng best friends ko kung bakit daw hindi ako nag-boyfriend ng showbiz. Siguro may wall ako,” said Bangs.

“If ever may dumating sa buhay ko na may potential na maging siya ang right guy for me then why not? I’m not dating anyone right now and I’m getting mature and I think wala naman sigurong masama na mag-boyfriend ako ng showbiz.”, she added.

Meanwhile, Bangs revealed that she did very daring scenes on her new movie entitled “Luriana” that could be seen in cinemas this coming September 11.

“My most daring and my first and last kasi ang mom ko conservative. Actually, my whole family is conservative and medyo ayaw na niya eh pero sabi ko naman sa mom ko na hindi naman totally ’yung nasa script ’yun na ’yun. Puwede namang i-improvise. Saka I didn’t feel that I was taken advantage. Sobrang ina­lagaan ako ng director (Mel Chionglo),” stressed Miss Garcia.

It would be a great movie to watch according to some sources; Ricky Lee was the one who wrote the story of the said movie.

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